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Ahad, 14 Februari 2010

How We Can Promote Peace And Unity in a Multiracial Country Like Malaysia?

All Malaysians must bear responsibility to help achieve stronger integration and a more robust national unity.Malaysians must do this by preserving and protecting its many divers religions festivals and customs.Preserving and protecting this is part and parcel of our shared broader goals of achieving integration and national unity.In attaining these goals,all Malaysians must bear a collective responsibility.The effective way in enhancing racial integration is to hold open house on festive season,carry out gotong royong and to hold a cultural fair.

As we know,open house are the feast or celebration that usually occurred during festive season.In Malaysia,there has many festive season such as Chinese New Year,Deepavali,Hari Raya Aidilfitri,Wesak Day and others.When open house had been organized and arranged,all of the races attend the celebration without doubt,anger, and anti-racial.Residents dined together in a spirit of neighbourliness.They will be closer the relationship of each other and they will know and become familiar with their neighbour,so it will enhance racial integration.

Besides that,gotong royong is one of the effective ways in enhancing racial integration.Gotong royong are activity that hold together all races such as cleaning housing area,cooking during the feast.This will show the spirit of unity when tehey carry out gotong royong together.The food has been cooked by many races base on their own way.This will allow the guast to taste many kind of food.Gotong royong could gather all residents so they will join and communicate.This will make them closer to each other.

On the other hand,to enhance racial integration we have to hold a cultural fair.The cultural fair could be organized to show cultural and trust of all races.As an examples,the cultural fair could be done in the open place such as Stadium Bukit Jalil so all citizens can watch the performance like cultural dance or cross-cultural performance in which Malay,Indian and Chinese dances were performed by childrens.This are able to see various cultural sensitivity and it is praiseworthy because all other races and culture are respected.The organized celebration of festive,we can know and understand other cultural and trust.Therefore,we can promote peace and unity in a multiracial country by holding a cultural fair.

In conclusion,peace and unity can be promoted by holding open house,carry out gotong royong and to hold a cultural fair.This activities could gather and unite all races in Malaysia so they can recognized each other.

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